"Most Husbands are either physically unavailable or emotionally unavailable.Most of them reveal their emotional availability early on. Even if the person seemed to be Mr. Right, if they are emotionally unavailable, you’re left with nothing but pain." - Sthandwa Sami, Please Come Home!


Table of Contents

Introduction : Before and After I said “ I Do !”

Chapter 1 : A Time Ticking Bomb

Chapter 2: The Marriage I never Wanted!

Chapter 3 : Married for the Wrong Reasons!

Chapter 4:  Why Husband's leave their Wives

Chapter 5 : Passion, Lust, Lies and Deceit

Chapter 6 :  Separation, Divorce or Set apart for God's purpose

Chapter 7 : Overcoming strongholds in a Marriage

Chapter 8 : The Marriage  Covenant

Chapter 9 : Forget Obsessing About Mr Right

Chapter 10 : A Delightful Love

Conclusion : Sthandwa Sami, I’m coming back Home!

Epilogue: A letter to my Wife - ' I love You'


Sthandwa Sami, Please Come Home!