Beauty for Life


What if 'beauty' is not 'beautiful' enough?

Most women who seem to be beautiful and have it all together outwardly, you find that on the inside they are broken . They secretly battle with silent storms of insecurities, bitterness, unforgiveness, feelings of guilt, shame, worthlessness and insignificance because culture says to them “look at your body to feel beautiful, perform to earn respect and to have a sense of personal acceptance & confidence." 


This programme is ideal for women battling with the idea of what true beauty is and it will give them the tools they need to discover their true inner beauty. Through biblical and practical wisdom they will be equipped to:

· Understand the unique components of female beauty
· Detect their personal areas of vulnerability.
· Design a defense plan to protect their heart ; mind and your body.
· Be awakened to ABBA Father's satisfying unique 'Well of Beauty ' He  has placed within them

Nthabi lays the foundation of beauty from within - for life. Building on her personal journey of discovering her beauty from within, she provides essential spiritual, mental, emotional and physical stunning makeover tools to complement that inner glow. Beauty for life programme is the go-to programme for real beauty in life.

The sessions will cover the following:

Introduction : When ‘Beauty’ is not ‘Beautiful’ Enough
Session 1 : Struggling with Insecurities
Session 2 : Bitterness and Unforgiveness
Session 3 : Guilt and Shame
Session 4 : Worthlessness
Session 5 : Insignificance
Session 6 : Beauty for Life– When ‘Beauty’ becomes ‘Beautiful’ Enough
Session 7 : Identity – Who Am I 
Session 8 : Purpose – Calling and Destiny
Session 9 : Belief System - Mindset Renewal
Session 10 : Value System – Character Development
Session 11 : Wellness - Wholistic Development
Conclusion : The Power of the Parents Blessing

Register NOW!, Pre-order the book for yourself, get it for your friends and colleagues, it will set them on fire and on a course to fulfill their destiny. Remember , You are Beautiful!

Nthabiseng Mahlobo